Thicken Your Lashes

Lashes offer a natural look in Denver, CO

When you’re looking to thicken your eyelashes without the damage caused by mascara, Lashes by Contoured Ink offers a natural-looking alternative. Contoured Ink Studio & Beauty Bar’s certified lash technician can transform your lashes to the customized look you select. These semi-permanent eyelash extensions are attached one by one to your natural lash.

Eyelash Extensions:
  • Take approximately three hours to apply
  • Provide natural looking lashes
  • Need to be maintained every two to three weeks



While you’re relaxing and being pampered during your initial eyelash extension appointment, you can rest easy knowing that we use a medical-grade, fume-free glue to secure your new synthetic eyelashes. Because Lashes by Contoured Ink are attached to your natural lash, they’ll shed naturally.

Contact Contoured Ink Studio & Beauty Bar to schedule your Lashes by Contoured Ink application in the Denver, CO area.

Lashes by Contoured Ink are designed with a thicker base and tapered tip to resemble the look of natural eyelashes. If you're looking for eyelash extensions or synthetic eyelashes in Denver, CO Contoured Ink Studio & Beauty Bar has you covered. Call 303-994-9439 today to learn more about Lashes by Contoured Ink.