Is Microblading Right For You?

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Is Microblading Right For You?, Southwest Arapahoe, Colorado

As you get ready for work in the morning or for dinner with friends on the weekend, you might be spending quite a bit of time perfecting your eyebrows. Microblading is an excellent solution for perfect brows with only a fraction of the upkeep. Refer to the following guide to find out whether this cosmetic procedure is a good fit for you.

Your Quick Guide to Microblading

What Is It?

Microblading is the process of applying semi-permanent makeup to the eyebrows to achieve optimal color and shape. Think of them as temporary eyebrow tattoos that match your hair color and skin tone while complementing the shape of your face. The procedure is also pain-free!

How Does the Procedure Work?

microbladingYour cosmetologist will first numb your brow area to prevent you from feeling any pain. They will then use a small, handheld device with a needle attached to the end to draw individual hairlines onto your brow bones. To create a multidimensional, natural look, they will use needle attachments of varying widths. The process typically takes about an hour, and you’ll likely need to schedule a brief followup appointment within six weeks for color correction.

What Are the Benefits?

Microblading provides you with gorgeous, perfectly-shaped eyebrows that last up to three years. When you consider what you spend on eyebrow tools, pencils, powders, and gels, the cost of microblading is usually well worth the investment. You’ll save time during your usual makeup routine, and you won’t have to worry about correcting any mishaps. Simply apply an SPF moisturizer to your brows to prevent them from fading over the years.


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